We provide comprehensive care in all aspects of dentistry (except for braces).We provide veneers, implants, white fillings, root canal treatment, dentures, gum treatment, and cleanings. We want you to keep your teeth for a lifetime – and will work cooperatively with you to help you to do so.

Teeth require constant care, especially as we age. Using the most sophisticated technology available, we do our best to prevent our patients’ tooth decay and wear. Preventative dentistry includes all treatments, clinical tests, and dental health education programs for the prevention and/or elimination of oral disease. Our hygienist, for example, will clean your teeth in order to remove stains, debris, or bacteria build-up, while simultaneously educating you about how to treat your teeth and gums in order to stimulate and maintain their health. Periodontal maintenance – fluoride treatments and fissure sealants – is another service we offer to help our patients practice good preventative dental hygiene and care. Of course, we believe in regular visits to our office to allow Dr. Langston the opportunity to check on the state of your dental well-being.

We appreciate the importance of a good smile, so part of our services revolves around improving its look. Procedures such as teeth whitening, bonding (tooth-coloured fillings), veneers, and porcelain crowns may contribute to achieving the desired result. We replace mercury, for example, not only because its toxicity is being debated, but also because tooth-coloured fillings strengthen the tooth and are more attractive. We are pleased to consult with you about our various services and the procedures involved in making your smile more attractive.

Traditionally called a root canal, this procedure involves removing diseased tissue from inside the tooth and replacing it with an inert material. After this procedure, we recommend covering the weakened tooth with a crown.

Restorative treatments include the restoration of lost, malformed, broken, or missing teeth. Fillings, crowns, bridges, implants or dentures can restore your chewing ability and keep your mouth healthy – always our primary goal!